Lighting & Video Design
Technical Production


Lighting & Video Design
Technical Production

Storyboards & Visualisations

«The Box of Delights» – Storyboard made with After Effects

This is an example of the storyboarding techniques I learnt during my video design placement with Nina Dunn. Her technique consists in nesting the video content inside a picture of the model box so at any time of its creation it can be observed in context.

«Wastwater» – Visualisation made with Vectorworks 2019 and Autodesk Maya

As part of my approach during a design process, I create 3D photo-realistic visualisations as a visual aid to accurately communicate ideas to directors. Other designers would only use some basic renders in Wysiwyg or Vectorworks but I chose to improve the quality of those renders using Maya.

CAD Plans

«13» – Video Plan section made with Vectorworks

Image of the video plan for “13”. It consists of four video projectors, two for the floor mapping, one for a video screen down stage and a fourth one on the back wall of the Embassy theatre. With the floor projections I differentiated between the projection field and the image field to make sure the blending between them was consistent.

«Wastwater» – Lighting Plan made with Vectorworks

I made this ground plan for a speculative project during my first year at my BA on Theatre Lighting Design for the Hampstead Theatre.


«13» – Dramaturgical Analysis

This is the dramaturgical analysis I made for «13». Click on the image above to access the full document. There I analyse the use breaking down each scene.

Worksheets & Paperwork

«Venus» – Worksheets made with Lightwrite 

Here are some examples of the lighting design worksheets I made for «Venus» as part of my BA at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

«Wastwater» – Gel Colour Palettes

Selections of colour palettes

3D Printing

Arduino Case – Designed with Vectorworks and 3D printed using PLA material

In the image above is one of the cases designed for the «Ciervo» project.

Video System


«The Box of Delights» – Video System Diagram made with OmniGraffle

This is an example of the video system diagram we used for «The Box of Delights» at Wilton’s Music Hall during my placement with the Video Designer Nina Dunn.

Interaction Design

«The Rite» – Patch for an Interactive Video Art installation made with Isadora Software

I have incorporated to my workflow the use of movement sensors, from simple infrared movement sensors, such as the ones used in CCTV systems, to a Microsoft Kinect, mapping specific parts of the body to different responses.